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Fun with the family by Julie Lavender
A new year dawns make memories that will last
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    Decorations and lights are put away for another year, heralding in the dawn of a new year and new beginnings. What was on your list of resolutions and changes for 2008? Have you tossed the diet aside already? Forget the pounds and the promises this year and make one simple goal — put family first. Plan to spend time with those you love, with simple things like watching ants crawl or roasting marshmallows to elaborate plans like building forts or going on extravagant vacations. Make an effort to make memorable times with special people, memories that will last throughout the year.
    Start the new year with ideas of your own, or try some of these zany, but actual holidays. Your family will treasure the celebrations.
    National Ski Week – One can only dream for snow in the Boro! Put on your skis anyway — well, stick your feet in two shoeboxes — and ski across the yard. Time each other to see who can ski across the grass the fastest. Then go back inside and read Curious George’s Snow Day to the little ones or watch Hoodwinked (rated PG) with the older ones. Sip on hot chocolate — just to set the mood!  
    Hat Day – Purchase fabric paint and cloth hats for all and have a hat-decorating day. While the paint dries, play catch outside with ball caps and wiffle balls. Hold the hats by the brim and toss away. Turn the game into a mock-baseball game, using hats instead of gloves.
    National Pie Day — Chose your favorite flavor of gelatin and make a creamy pie to celebrate this holiday. Boil water and follow directions to make Jell-O on package. When cooled slightly, add eight ounces of Cool Whip and mix well. Add to graham cracker pie crust and chill.      
    National Hot Tea Month – Sip on tea while you make a special treat for a friend or family member. Brew tea in a medium-sized bowl. Soak white handkerchiefs in the tea overnight. Squeeze out the excess liquid and let the handkerchiefs dry. For a yummy treat for someone special, place tea bags in the middle of the handkerchiefs; gather the edges and tie with a pretty ribbon and give away as a gift.
    Winnie the Pooh Day – Celebrate this timeless friend with cupcakes, movies, and books. Bake cupcakes and sing “Happy Birthday” to Winnie the Pooh. Read books and watch videos. Then, have each family member choose his or her favorite character and act out one of the stories or create a new one.
    A brand new year calls for 365 days of celebrations. Make every day great in 2008!

    Statesboro native Julie Bland Lavender enjoys celebrating with husband David and children Jeremy, Jenifer, Jeb Daniel and Jessica.
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