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Community Review by Pat Homer
Ways to beat the heat
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    The good ol’ summer time was present and accounted for this week. It wasn’t that terribly hot temperature wise, but the high humidity made it feel much warmer. Even in the early morning, the warm humid air felt like a suffocating blanket.  As I was sitting here thinking about the past week, I became very aware of the air conditioner cycling on and off, forcing its way into my consciousness. All I could picture was that electric meter spinning. Regardless of the electric bill, I appreciate the pleasant cool air that greets and revives me when I get home.
    I remember the good ol’ days before we had air conditioning in our home. Fans were everywhere, but they only helped a little. When it gets so hot, hot air is just hot air. Blanching and canning vegetables made the kitchen a hot and stuffy box. Sleeping was difficult with lots of tossing and turning to find a cool spot on the bed.   
    When we got our first air conditioner, my dad had just gone to work for Thermo King in Louisville. The best that I can remember, it seems that we got it through the company some way. Anyway, it was a large and noisy thing that sat in the window, but we treated it like a treasured member of the family. We unplugged it when we weren’t using it to protect it from lightning or power surges. My mother cleaned the filter religiously and wrapped it in plastic every winter to protect it. Looking back, it seems that our life revolved around caring for it. I know that is probably an exaggeration, but it looms large in my memory after all these years.
    Today, lots of people beat the heat by fishing and boating. Our newest Community Contributor is going to keep us up-to-date on both of those activities. Darryl Smith works for Custom Marine and is an avid boater and fisherman. So if you have questions or comments about either, post them on the Web site. Darryl will be happy to respond.
Kidsville News
    Truman visited the Statesboro Regional Library on Thursday. He was really excited to hear about all the summer readers. Elaine McDuffie said that the number of Summer Reading Program participants doubled this year. They were expecting about 200 children, but about 400 showed up to read. Hooray for summer readers! Truman had great fun visiting with his friends and hopes to see everyone again really soon!
    Kidsville News welcomes the Bulloch Board of Education as a sponsor. The BOE knows firsthand the necessity for reading in education. Sponsorships guarantee that Bulloch County children will continue to receive Kidsville News delivered free of charge to their classrooms. Would you like more information about becoming a Kidsville Sponsor? Call me at 489-9465.
    Truman is also looking for a sponsor. He understands the importance of reading and healthy habits, as well. His visits reinforce the important lessons the children learn from Kidsville News. Call me about becoming the exclusive Truman sponsor.
    Community News Editor Pat Homer can be reached by e-mail at
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