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Surprises of summer some of the best
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    Summer is filled with many simple pleasures. Warm breezes, butterflies, picnics and fresh fruits and vegetables are some that readily come to mind.
    Probably my favorite of summer pleasures is sweet ice-cold watermelon. I bought my first watermelon of the season just the other day. The thing about buying a watermelon is that you never know what you’re getting until you cut into it and give it a taste.
    Everyone seems to have a different technique for picking the best melon. As I was searching for my perfect melon, turning and thumping the green striped orbs, I became aware of the other people around me. Every face around those bins had the most serious expression, and I had to chuckle because I was sure that my face had probably had that same serious look.  
    The reason for the serious expression is simple—watermelon is either good or bad. There is just no in between. If it’s not sweet, it’s not good. If it’s fibrous and stringy, it’s not good. If you have tips for choosing fresh fruits and vegetables, we would love to read them. Post them on the Blogspace, and they may appear in print, as well.
    In addition to pleasures close to home, it’s the vacation time of year again, also. What are your plans for the summer? We would love to hear about your trips. Post your vacation pictures in an album on the Photo Gallery for us to see.
    Are you having Vacation Bible School at your church? Mission trips? We would love to hear about those, as well. Please tell us about them and post your pictures on the Photo Gallery.
    Do you have a child participating in recreation department sports? Tell us how the season’s going. Post their team news and pictures on the Community Page at www.statesboroherald. com.
    Do you like to write? Great! We are looking for people who like to write. Share your interests with us. Do you like to fish? Hunt? Are you a NASCAR fan? Have a favorite sports team? Do you have a favorite recipe that you would be willing to share?  Share your ideas with us—your friends and neighbors.
Animated Comics
    We now have animated comics online. Check back every day to see the comic of the day. Go to the home page at and click on Animated Comics at the top of the page, turn up your speakers and enjoy a chuckle with us.
Dining Guide
    Fordham’s Farmhouse joins us on the Dining Guide this week. If you’re looking for down home country cooking, look no further. Fordham’s fits the bill. Take a look yourself. Go to www.statesboroherald. com and click on Where to Eat. The restaurants that appear in bold print have information for you online.

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