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Readers, keep it coming!
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    On this Memorial Day, please remember the reason that our nation set this day aside as a holiday. Please make a special effort to take time to remember those who gave their lives for our freedom. Having grown up in the home of a WWII veteran, I am especially aware of the sacrifice of those who died in battle, as well as the scars, internal and external, of those who survive.
    We have lost over 3,000 in the Iraqi war and more die every day. If your family has not been touched by a death from this war, be thankful. Web site user jhall68 posted a picture on the Photo Gallery that says it all. It shows a young boy accepting a folded flag from a Marine. Unless your heart is made of stone, the expression on this young boy’s face will make you cry. Please remember our fallen ones and those who live in dread of the knock upon the door.
Web Community
    Our Community on the Web site is continuing to grow. Every week, we have more new users and contributors. You can be a part of the excitement, too!
    We are looking for more community happenings. Take this opportunity to have your events, your news and your photos on the Web site for all to see. Then, look for these items to appear in print as we add more space for community news.
    We will also be adding Community Correspondents to our Web site. These folks will blog about events and news in our outlying areas like Register, Portal, Brooklet, Nevils and other small community areas. If you are involved in these areas and would like to be a correspondent, please contact me.
    We welcome Rotary Club Statesboro to the Web site. They will be keeping us abreast of their news and events through the Blogspace on the Community page. Civic clubs and groups provide valuable services in our community. We want to hear from every group. Please use the Community Page to keep us informed about your news.
    We’ve had two visits from Truman this week. He was here to congratulate the other two winners from the Draw Truman contest. See the winners’ pictures in the June Kidsville News.
    We were at Trinity Christian School on Tuesday to visit Seth Lattner’s first grade class. Seth was the first place winner in the K–1st grade age category. Truman had a really great time seeing all his friends at Trinity. All the children were so well-behaved and polite, and I’m sure that Mrs. Julie Smith is really proud of her class.
    Truman was at Julia P. Bryant Elementary on Thursday morning visiting with Trisha Mitra’s 5th grade class. Trisha was the first place winner in the 4th – 5th grade age category. Truman was especially impressed with the friendliness and politeness of these children. Mrs. Grace can really be proud of her class, too.
    Kidsville News will be available during the summer months, too. Be sure to pick up your free copy from a rack around town. If you subscribe to the Statesboro Herald, you will receive a copy with your paper.
    Community News Editor Pat Homer can be reached by phone at (912) 489-9465 or by e-mail at
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