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Bulloch History with Roger Allen
Kicklighters establish Bulloch base
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Note: Local lover of history Roger Allen continues a monthly column looking at the genealogy of a longtime Bulloch County family.

Thomas Gickeleuthner was born in Sohnstetten, Wurttemberg, Germany on July 19, 1794 to Hans Jacob Gickeleuthner (a weaver) and his wife Maria (last name unknown). Thomas married Anna Marisa Walliser in 1736, and brought his family to the “New World” onboard the ship “Elizabeth”, captained by Captain Ross. They sailed from Rotterdam, and arrived in Charles Town in the English Province of South Carolina in the beginning of February 1753. Early colonial records show a Thomas Kicheliter or Thomas Kickelaytor. Thomas and Anna had nine children. Johann Jacob, Rosina,     Johannes Maria, Anna Barbara, and Johanna all died very young.  Johann Friedrich, Elisabetha, and Catharina were the children that travelled to South Carolina with their parents. Thomas received a land bounty grant for 250 acres on Wateree Creek just north of Saint Jacobs Church in Chapin, South Carolina. His son, Johann Friedrich (also known as     John Frederick or Frederick) inherited Thomas’ original grant, and received an additional grant adjacent to this land. Unfortunately, due to Frederick’s Loyalist support (identified in documents as Frederick Rickolater), these lands were confiscated during the American Revolution and were given to Wade Hampton.  Frederick’s life was put in grave danger by his support of the British.  His lands constituted much of what became the Ravenscroft Plantation owned by Adam G. Summer.
    John Frederick’s sons John, Andrew, Thomas, his daughter Margaret, and his widow Margareta (listed in documents as Gickilicker) moved to the Beaufort District of South Carolina by 1790. John served in the South Carolina Legislature for several terms. During this time, John married Mary Priester, and had two sons, John and Henry. Andrew, however, moved to Georgia, settling in the Great Lotts and Big Lotts Creek area of Bulloch County in 1810, where he received several land grants totaling some 700 acres.
    Andrew Sr. married twice, the second time to Mary Thomas Odom (he was ironically her second husband). His wives bore him 6 children: Jesse (1804-1881), Andrew Jr., Jacob F., George, and Frederick J., and Mary Magdalene. In addition, he considered her children by her first marriage (Leonard, Isaac, Oscar, and Godfrey) to be his own as well. His brother Thomas married twice as well, the second time to Cassandra Woodcock. Their children were Frederick and Margaret. According to one researcher there may have also been another two children, Nepsey and James, from Cassandra’s previous relationship. Thomas and his family moved to Bulloch County as well.
    Jesse and Andrew are considered to be the progenitors of the Bulloch Kicklighters.  Jesse (ca. 1804-1881) married twice, first to Levisa (or Vicy) Thomas, and then to Mary Ann Geiger. He and his  had (apparently) eighteen children: Henry, Luraney (Laney), Jesse Jr., Ebenezer, Gadsey, Ronalda, Frederick, Temperance, William, Jacob, Matthew, Eli, Samantha, Winnifred, Andrew John J., Nancy, and George. In 1839, Jesse sold his Bulloch County lands and moved to Liberty County (which then became part of Long County). He moved once more to Wayne County, where he died. His widow and children moved to Tattnall County, near Beards Creek Church.
    Andrew Jr. (ca. 1806-1886) was married twice: first to a woman some say was named Nancy Thomas, and then to Elizabeth English (although at least one genealogist says her last name was Yeomans). They bore him nearly a dozen children: Winney Luvency, Lourana (or Raney), Elizabeth, Charity, Manning, Andrew, Nancy, Emmaline, Macey A., James, Joseph B., and Edmond. Jacob F. (ca. 1807-1856) married Catherine Driggers (or Caty Driggors) and they had some one dozen children, including: Mary Ann, Andrew, William, Alfred, Seaborn, Elizabeth, Jacob, James, and John.
George (ca. 1810-1880) was married twice; first to Neppsie (Nepsey) Elmira Woodcock, and then to Barbara Aycock.     His wives are said to have borne him many children, including Caroline, Henry, Jane, James, John G., Maryann, George, Rachel Elizabeth, America, Eliza, Jesse, Margaret, and Nancy. Frederick J. (ca. 1820-1867) married Elizabeth Lavicy (or Lavisa) Odom (or Odum). They had several children, including Mary Magdalene, Leonard Warren, and Barbara Allen. Andrew Senior’s Daughter Mary Magdalene married James Harvey and was reported to have had children by some researchers. Interestingly, at least one researcher speculates that Andrew Sr’s wife Mary Thomas, his son Jesse’s wife Levisa Thomas and his son Andrew Jr’s wife Nancy Thomas were either cousins or sisters, and were very close in age.

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