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Bulloch History by Roger Allen
Everetts one of Bullochs oldest
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    It appears that the very first confirmed Bulloch Everett ancestor is John Everett, of Charles County, Virginia. He lived from 1645 until 1696. The first ancestor usually named in family genealogies, however, is his son Nathaniel Everett Senior. He lived from 1678 until 1748 (or 1749), in Chowan County, NC. In 1699 he married Mary Mitchell Harrison. Their children were Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Nathaniel Everett Junior.
    The next [Third] generation was Nathaniel Everett Junior. The name of his first wife is not known, but he married Elizabeth in 1727. His children were Thomas, John, Joseph, Joshua, Lydia, Edmund, Mary, Hannah, Zilpah, Bilhale, Sarah, Elizabeth, Jehu, Jeremiah, Mary, John, Nathan, and Nathaniel (3rd).
    The next [Fourth] generation of Bulloch Everett ancestors line consists of eight of the children. The first was Thomas, who married Penelope Rogers. Their children were John, Thomas, Henry, and Nathan (or Nathaniel 4th). The second was Joseph, who lived until 1833 in Tyrrell County, NC. He married Lettice Lassiter in 1775. They had the following children: Anthony, Enoch, Joseph, Jeremiah, Morris, Nancy, Susannah, Richard, Sarah, and Nicy.
    The third of this generation was John, who married Sarah Fagan in 1772. They had the following children: Joshua, Josiah, Enoch, Jehu Winott, Hannah, John Fagan, and Aaron. John and his family moved to Effingham in 1785, and then by 1796 had moved (or their land had been cut into) to Bulloch County, Georgia.
    The fourth of this generation was Nathan, who married another Elizabeth, and they had three children: John, James, Charlotte, and Sarah. The fifth of this generation was Joshua, who lived until 1782. He married Sarah (last name unknown) and they had Benjamin, Nathaniel, Elizabeth, Jersha, and Hannah. The sixth was Edmund, about whom virtually nothing is known.
    Nathaniel Everett (4th) was the seventh of his generation of the Bulloch County Everett line. He married Sarah Horton, and had two children: Elizabeth, and Sarah. The eighth of this generation was named Jehu Everett. He married Sarah Hollis, but little else is known.
    The next [Fifth] generation of Everett’s (eventually of Bulloch) were some of the children of John, Joseph, and Thomas. The first line, Thomas’ child John, married another Elizabeth (last name unknown), and they had the following children: Thomas, Sarah, Mary, and Asha (or Ashe). John moved his family from Beaufort to Bulloch County in 1805.
    The second line of this generation was the child of Joseph and Lettice, Anthony, who married Mary Morton, and they had the following children: Joseph, Morris, Sarah Ann, Penelope, and Harriett. Most of their children settled in Effingham County.
    The third line of this generation were seven of the children of John and Sarah. Many of their children spelled their names Everitt. The first, Joshua married Jane (Jincey) Carter in 1797. They had quite a few children: Sarah Carter, John Carter, William, Josiah Jefferson, Aaron Barber, Cassandra Carter, Elizabeth, Ann Jane, Joshua Bedford, Jehu, and Permelia. This Joshua was a Captain in the 45th District Militia in 1809 and the Justice of the Bulloch County Inferior Court from 1819 until 1821. Joshua’s children settled in Bulloch County.
    The second son was Josiah. He married Elanor (also spelled Eleanor) “Nelly” Johnson sometime between 1832 and 1840. When she died, he married Nancy Heath in 1841. He had quite a few children by his wives: Eleanor bore him James Johnson, John Carter, Caroline Carter, Jane Martha, Mary “Polly” Anne, Louisa Ann, and apparently an unknown male; while Nancy had (at least) Sarah. Josiah was the Bulloch County surveyor who actually laid out Statesboro in 1802 and the Justice of Bulloch County Inferior Court from 1804 until 1805. Josiah’s children settled in Decatur County, Ga.
    The next son, Enoch married Margaret Byrd (also spelled Bird) in 1802. Their children were Sarah Ann, Jehu Oscar, Aaron Bird, Mary McCall, Eliza, John Fagan, Hannah Margaret, and Caroline Mathilda. Enoch was a Captain of the Militia in the 9th District of Bulloch County, and the Justice of Bulloch County Inferior Court in 1799. Enoch’s children settled in Alabama and Mississippi
    The next son was Jehu Winott married Mary “Polly” Jones in 1807. Their children were Enoch. Elmina, Mary “Polly” Berry, Sarah McCall, John Bridger, Bridger Jones, Jehu Jr., Basil, Michael Young, Josiah, Rachel, David, and Samuel F. Jehu was a Blacksmith in Bulloch County. Jehu Winott’s children settled in Washington County,  Ala.  Their daughter, Hannah Everett, married Charles McCall (she was his second wife) in 1797. Their children were John, Sarah, and Hanna McCall. She settled with husband Charles in Bulloch County.
    John Fagan Everett (Everitt) married Ann Blount Slade, then Sarah Ann Lester Mitchell, and then Sarah Hand. They bore him the following children: Ann bore him Margaret Amelia, Helen Slade, Fannie Meade, and John Fagan Junior; Sarah Ann bore him Hannah, Jane Independence, and Mary Elizabeth; and Sarah Hand bore him Enoch, Martha, Eliza, Jack Ross, and Dinkins. John Fagan was the Mayor of Mobile, Alabama for three terms. John Fagan’s children settled in Alabama.
    The last child, Aaron Everett (Everitt), was the only one born in Effingham County. He first married Zilpha Wise in 1793, and then Mary M. Slater in 1811. They bore him several children: Zilpha bore him Jared; and Mary bore him Martha, Sarah Ann, Jesse Slater, Eleanor “Ellen”, Virginia Henderson, Georgiann, James L., Mary M., John W., and Aaron Fairfax. Aaron was the County Surveyor of Bulloch in 1808 and Justice of Inferior Court in 1824. Aaron’s children settled in Thomas County, GA.
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