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Bulloch History by Roger Allen
U.S. Highway 25 comes to Bulloch
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    What is known now as U.S. Highway 25 in Bulloch County was one of the original Federal highways established by the United States Joint Board on Interstate Highways plan in 1925. Originally conceived as a regional highway, it soon took on the role of major thoroughfare between large cities in different states.
    From the beginning, U.S. 25 started in the city of Port Huron (later extended to Port Austin) in Michigan. Passing through Detroit, then Toledo, Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio. It proceeded to Lexington, Ky. By the time it reached its final destination at the Georgia state line in North Augusta, Georgia, 25 had covered 1,100 miles.
    As to the southern part of Highway 25, it changed as well. In 1929, Georgia extended the southern end of U.S. 25 to the Hopeulikit junction a few miles north and west of Statesboro. The next year, it was extended to Savannah, and then, in 1936, U.S. 25 headed even further south to Brunswick, also bearing the U.S. 341 designation between Jesup and Brunswick, where they merged with U.S. 17.
    On its way south, Highway 25 passed through Corbin, Ky., which became famous as where Colonel Sanders’ first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant was opened.
    Between Augusta and Brunswick, U.S. 25 shares its route with the following U.S. Highways: U.S. 1, 78, and U.S. 278, for just five miles; U.S. 82, for 11 miles between Ludowici and Jesup; U.S. 301, for 70 miles between Statesboro Jesup; and then U.S. 341, for the 40 miles from Jesup to Brunswick. Georgia State Routes 4, 23, 26, 27, 38, 57, 67, 73, and 121 also follow US 25.
    “GRIP,” or the “Governor's Road Improvement Program” that was passed into law into 1989 by the General Assembly consists of 19 four-lane highways that connect 95 percent of Georgia’s largest cities. The GRIP system was expanded twice: in 2001, and again in 2005. The Bulloch County GRIP roads are Georgia Route 21 and U.S. Highway 25, and are part of the Savannah River Parkway sub corridor.
    The parkway (much of which is already completed), runs from Augusta and Savannah by way of Waynesboro, Millen and Sylvania. A second leg extends from Millen to Statesboro and then to I-16. The Augusta leg follows Interstate 3 and Georgia 21 to Savannah, and the Millen leg follows U.S. 25 south all the way to Interstate 16.

    Roger Allen is a local lover of history. Allen provides a brief look at Bulloch County's historical past. E-mail Roger at roger
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