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Justin Unkel
Service to Mankind Award recipient
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Justin Unkel

      Justin Unkel is a young man with a history of addiction. Today, he works every day to overcome many obstacles on his way to a better life. As a result of his addiction, Justin lost his driver's license and now makes his way everywhere he goes on his bike. Part of his sentence was community service at Pineland Mental Health. He was so impressive in his work there that he was offered a permanent part time position. One of the ways he is regaining his dignity and self-respect is by working to help others. Last May, Justin rode his bike to Bluffton, S.C., as part of a fundraising effort for the Boys and Girls Club of Statesboro. Justin has often given money and items from his own belongings to burned out families or anyone he sees who he feels "needs it more than I do." He volunteers for special events at the Boys and Girls Club.

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