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It's a small world after all
The somewhat comical katydid can be found feeding on weeds and plants. These critters are mostly nocturnal and well camouflaged to conceal themselves among leaves. - photo by Eddie Ledbetter

Spring and summer bring nature to life as fauna and flora explode with color and motion. A walk outside can bring a refreshing respite from woes and worries as birds take to the trees and other wildlife, such as deer, raccoons and other critters become active and might offer you a glimpse of wonder and awe.

But there are other creatures, many of them all around you, if you look closely enough. Insects, reptiles and arachnids scurry or rest in bushes, trees and plants. If you take the time to stop and look, you’re sure to see a whole new world on a whole new level.

But, it’s a small one, after all. 

The noisy cicada can be found in trees and on branches or leaves. Many species of cicadas in North America have long life cycles — as long as 17 years. - photo by Eddie Ledbetter
Green anoles can be found around any plant life, primarily in the spring and summer months. Males possess a large red dewlap they display when courting a female or defending their territory. - photo by Eddie Ledbetter
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