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Founding of Lake View Park, Pine Crest Country Club
Bulloch History
roger allen
Roger Allen

Note: The following is one of a series of articles looking at events in the formation of Bulloch County.

Back in 1826, local Daniel Rigdon dug out a pond with a wheelbarrow and shovel along Mill Creek 2 1/2 miles west of the city on Lakeview Road, and opened it to the public. Rigdon sold it to a Mr. Roberts.

Around 1920, Charles Bland bought it, and opened Lake View, (a) "playground for social occasions, (with) swimming, (and) a dancing pavilion (where) musicians from Savannah and Augusta (played)."

The Bulloch Times-Statesboro News-Statesboro Eagle issue of July 7, 1921 reported on Statesboro's "Big Celebration, (as) Monday, July Fourth, was generally observed by the people of Statesboro."

The article continued, "Perhaps the largest center of attraction was Lake View Park, the new pleasure resort at Robert's Mill, in the afternoon, (where) more than 500 paid admissions."

It added, "under the management of Messrs. Chas K. Bland and DeWitt Boyd, (it) has recently been put in most attractive shape for public recreation."

The paper explained that "Boating and bathing are permitted each afternoon," (and then) bathing and dancing were engaged in throughout the entire afternoon and evening."

The Bulloch Times-Statesboro News-Statesboro Eagle issue of Dec. 24, 1925 revealed that “Country Club Formed. Takes Over Lake View,” (with) a membership of fifty or more.”

And, “Lake View, (over) the past two years has come to be recognized as a popular play-ground for public social occasions. It is also contemplated to add sufficient lands adjoining to build a golf course adjacent to the lake."

The Bulloch Times-Statesboro News-Statesboro Eagle issue of May 20, 1926 announced “Lake View Club to Have Formal Opening next Thursday evening, May 27.”

“The membership of the club was limited to 100, and each member had one share of stock worth $100...Admission to the grounds will be strictly by cards which will be issued in the names of those members.”

On July 7, 1927, the Bulloch Times reported that Lake View was “going to be resuscitated.” Club dues were cut in half, for a small fee, the public could fish for a small fee, and pay 10 cents per pound for their fish.

The dam by the lake gave way in June of 1928. Several years later, the Bulloch Times-Statesboro Ness-Statesboro Eagle's issue of April 9, 1931 revealed "New Golf Course Now in Operation."

And, "with nine holes and every convenience to follow, (the) course Is located on the rolling hills east of Statesboro on lands belonging to the Olliff estate and to F.D. Thackston."

While the course is in fair shape, improvements are still being made. A club house will be erected at a later date. Memberships in the club are being sold by Prince Preston & Gilbert Cone, (and) the course is open for a small fee."

Citizens led by Harvey Brannen banded together to consider opening what they wanted to call the “Pine Crest Golf Club.” The nine-hole PCGC course was built on the Olliff and Thackston lands on the east side of Statesboro.

Then, the Bulloch Times-Statesboro Ness-Statesboro Eagle's issue of July 9, 1931 announced "Golf Tournament Now in Progress. The Pine Crest Golf. Club tournament has been underway since Monday morning,"

And, "Numerous nine-hole tournament holes have been played off. Monday M L Preston defeated Leff DeLoach; Gilbert Cone defeated Prince Preston; and Wilburn Woodcock forfeited to Barlow Fladger."

"Percy Rimes won from Homer Melton; Sidney Lanier won from Floyd Akins; Gibson Johnston won from J.L. Sunday; L.E. Tyson won from Sammy Johnson; & Edward Akins defeated Judge Cowart by a forfeit."

Tuesday is a very interesting match M.L. Preston defeated Edward Akins with a score of six holes up. The semi-finals are to be played today and the finals on Friday, July 10th. A large gallery of spectators is expected.

The winner will receive a 'Silver Loving' cup. The runner-up will receive a Silver ash tray with a golfer's figure attached. The public is invited to witness any of these matches without charge."

Roger Allen is a local lover of history who provides a brief look each week at the area's past. E-mail him at

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