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Connect Crime: Nailed
W nail polish

    While an Eagle Court Condominium couple argued passionately, someone called police. The man told officers the dispute was over finances, and the woman said it was because her boyfriend became angry after she paid for a friend to have her nails done.

    DOG KILLS KID — A baby goat kid, that is. A Spring Creek Road man told deputies he heard a noise and saw a dog carrying away a baby goat he had just killed. The man shot the dog, and animal control as well as deputies stated the action was justified. The dog’s owner, who said the dog had been missing for two weeks, was cited for a nuisance animal and given the dog’s remains for burial.

    LEMONS OR LEMONADE? — A Highway 46, Brooklet, woman told deputies she and her fiancé had been arguing for three days. The man, who admitted having drank eight Mike’s Hard Lemonades, said he worked hard and felt he was being “taken for granted.”

    RACE DAY — Fair Road isn’t the Dayona 500, but a couple of guys apparently couldn’t resist the challenge. Police arrested both drivers for DUI and racing.

    DON’T BUG ME — A woman living at The Landings Parkway apartments filed a complaint that her roommates had tampered with her belongings. The roommates told deputies that they placed the complainant's clothing and other items in her room because they were infested with bugs.

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