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Dr. Michael Guido - A life to remember
A lifetime of Christian service in photos
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Dr. Michael Guido passed away Saturday, Feb. 21, 2009 at the age of 94. - photo by Herald File

      Friends and others touched by the minister reflect on the life of ‘The Sower.’

       ‘... and God took The Sower into His arms and said ‘Well done, thy good and faithful servant.’  ... then He said with a smile, ‘Walk with me, Michael, in heaven, as you did on earth...’’
Ric Mandes
community member

      ‘I sure loved him dearly. Dr. Guido is  the reason I am in ministry today. He was my mentor ... I am very, very grateful to him. I probably would not be in ministry today if it weren’t for his guidance. I owe a great deal to him. When I went to see him last week he was very ready. He said ‘Mike, come in! I’m ready!’ It was amazing how gracious he was.’
Rev. Mike Holt
area pastor

      ‘No one has loved us, inspired us, encouraged us, believed in us, had more faith in us, and expected more of us than Dr. Guido did. Lori and I owe much to him and will miss him greatly. He would not want me to say that — because it gives him credit and not God. But it is true! As thrilled as we are that he is home we recognize what a tremendous loss this is to us personally and to our community.’
DeWayne Grice
close friend

      ‘Every time Dr. Guido talked to us he would pray with us before we parted. He would end every prayer by asking our Lord to ‘prosper us richly, to bless  us exceedingly, to honor us greatly and to use us mightily.’ He would then say, ‘Lord I am expecting you to do all of these things for Lori, DeWayne and Edie Grace.’ As personal and specific as that prayer was for us — it  was too his prayer for everyone he met.’
Lori Grice
close friend

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