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Don't just sit there — go make yourself a miracle
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Rev. John Bressler

Miracles! A lot of people get very excited about miracles. "It's a miracle that I didn't get hit by that car. He scored eight points in the last 15 seconds to win the game. A miracle! If we survive this administration, it'll be a miracle. If I pass this exam, it will be a miracle."

I remember a man once told me that if any miracle performed by Jesus were proven scientifically not a miracle but simply a misunderstood common occurrence, he could no longer believe in Jesus. 

According to the dictionary, a miracle is a happening outside the laws of science. In other words, something happens which is not supposed to happen. The deaf hear, the paralytic walks, the leper becomes clean, the dead rise.

A lot of folks just don't cotton to biblical miracles and say, "If we can't explain it, it is because we haven't studied it carefully." After all, what would those ancients think if they could see a television set, enjoy air conditioning, ride in a car, an airplane, or if they could bite into a Big Mac? Besides, those first century people looked for a miracle around every corner.

There are some sound points in those arguments. We are told that the fear of demons was very powerful and for good reasons. It was estimated that some seven and one half million floated about in the air and no one could stick a pin into space without sticking a demon or two. While we might believe that today's sophisticated society laughs at such stuff, it wasn't too many years ago that we watched a movie where a young girl's head turned 360 degrees, she spit green pea soup at a priest and sounded like a large man with a very sore throat. The nation went crazy over demonic possession. So-called exorcists made a lot of money as they supposedly expulsed an evil spirit from a possessed victim. A miracle!

The gospels tell of the marvelous signs Jesus gave to His world: healing the possessed, curing the lepers, feeding the thousands and walking on water. But it was getting out of hand. I will tell you why, biblically.

In the first chapter of Mark, after a long hard day and a sleepless night, Jesus leaves his friends to find a secluded quiet place to rest and pray. Simon Peter and a few others find him and, from the way the passages could be read, criticized Jesus. Simon says to Jesus, "Everyone is searching for You."

It is as though Simon means, "What in the world are you doing here? There's an entire town back there waiting to be healed and amazed at your power! This is absolute proof that you are the true messiah!"

Jesus' answer must have been startling!

"Let us go to the next towns that I may preach there also, for that is why I came out!" That is my mission!"

Our Lord was not a showman, a part-time physician, a faith healer, a miraculous messiah. His call was to tell the people, "The time is fulfilled, the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe the good news!"

The miracles were for the purpose of announcing that the messiah had arrived. Jesus did what Isaiah said would be done. God's presence was in the world for all the world to see, experience and believe.

I believe that the world needs to worry less about the miracles done to people and concentrate more on the miracles done through people. Our Lord said more than once, "Don't say anything about this healing. Rather, shout out the love of God. Live your life for God!"

I believe that God is seen more clearly in deeds that are loving than deeds that are miraculous. Think about it. Is there any miracle greater than a life that has been changed from sin and death to a life that is forgiven and forever? Don't tell me there are no miracles!

Today, at this very moment, someone is waiting for a miracle. We, who just happen to be miracles created by God, are the bringers of the Good News. There are untold millions upon millions of those who have yet to hear of the miracle of acceptance and forgiveness.

Let's go make a miracle!

Thanks, God!

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