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Odds & Ends 10/28
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 Boy Scouts' truck fires up Halloween Parade
 BATH, Pa. — Cub Scouts in Pack 55 got a real fright in their Halloween parade, and later an award from the mayor, when the flatbed truck they were riding on caught fire.
    Mayor Betty Fields said the parade had started normally Tuesday night and had gone about 500 yards before flames erupted.
    ‘‘All of a sudden the back of the truck started on fire,’’ Fields said Wednesday.
    Fortunately, the parade contained fire trucks. The Klecknersville Rangers Volunteer Fire Co. was behind the Cub Scouts and quickly snuffed the flames.
    Firefighter Jason Harhart said it was unclear how the fire started. No injuries were reported. Fields said the parade continued on, and she gave the Cub Scouts a loyalty award for sticking with it.

   Fastest mouth award belongs to a woman
    SASKATOON, Saskatchewan — Kelly Minisofer can boast — very quickly — that she is a fast talker.
    The Canadian auctioneer has won the fastest mouth crown, competing against both American and Canadian colleagues last weekend.
    Minisofer said speaking fast isn’t enough. She said fast talkers must also speak in a way people will understand what is being said.
    In her more than 20-year career, the auctioneer has sold everything from cattle to woman’s underwear. She said she once sold bras to the highest bidder in a charity auction.

   Town's descendant wants to change name
    HOLLSOPPLE, Pa. — A descendant of the man for whom this community is named wants what he says is an extra ‘‘L’’ dropped from its name.
    ‘‘I’m a direct descendant of the founder,’’ said Ed Holsopple. ‘‘I want to change the spelling to preserve its historical integrity.’’
    Hollsopple was founded in 1880 by Henry Holsopple.
    Although most locals with the surname spell it with one ‘‘L,’’ residents report fires to the Hollsopple Volunteer Fire Co. and mail letters from the Hollsopple post office.
    Conemaugh Township supervisors said they will decide what to do at their November meeting.
    It’s not the first time the conflict has come up. Archives from The Tribune-Democrat of Johnstown indicate the controversy began in 1813 when a family named Holtzapfel moved to the area.
    As the children grew up, they disagreed on the spelling. In 1880, some began spelling it Holsopple.

   Firefighter impersonates law enforcement officer
   IOWA CITY, Iowa — A volunteer firefighter was ordered to take an anger management class after using his vehicle’s emergency lights to pull over a motorist.
    Kevin G. Hutchins, 44, of Palo, pleaded guilty Thursday to impersonating a public official. He was given one year of probation and was ordered to serve 50 hours of community service and write an apology to the woman he pulled over, court records show.
    Hutchins used his vehicle’s emergency blue lights to stop the woman in March after she made what he considered an improper lane change. Only law enforcement officers have the authority to stop drivers.
    Palo Fire Chief Steve Mason said Hutchins has been on suspension pending resolution of the case. He said he has not decided whether Hutchins will remain with the department.

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