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Bridge 4/7
After a strong jump, a fun play theme
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Your partner opens one of a suit and you make a single jump-shift into another suit. What does your response show?
    Many pairs in the tournament world treat it as weak, showing a six-card suit and some number of points around six. You may have all of my shares in that company for a nickel.
    If I am using two-over-one game-forcing, I treat a jump-shift to the three-level as game-invitational, promising a good six-card suit and some 10 or 11 high-card points.
    Otherwise, I am a fan of the strong jump-shift. I believe that this should show some 13-16 high-card points with either an excellent one-suiter (a six-card or longer suit headed by at least the K-Q-J), or a prime two-suiter (in principle, five-plus cards in responder's suit and four-plus cards in opener's suit).
    In this deal, after North shows his spade-diamond two-suiter, you (South), not knowing how to find out if seven will be good, bid what you hope you can make. How would you plan the play after West leads the club queen?
    The key, rather than relying on a lucky heart position, is to establish dummy's diamond suit. Ruff trick one on the board, cash the diamond A-K (discarding hearts from your hand), ruff a diamond high, cash the spade ace, play a trump to dummy, and ruff another diamond in your hand, establishing two winners. To get back to the dummy, ruff the club ace, throw two more hearts on those diamond winners, and concede one heart trick.
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