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Bridge 2/5
A variation on yesterdays theme
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   In “Themes and Variations,” Aldous Huxley wrote, “Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.”
    That can be true at the bridge table for players below expert level. They remember the maxims and take them for granted, when most are debatable at best.
    This deal is a variation on yesterday’s theme. You are West, defending against four hearts. You start with the club ace: three, seven, 10. You cash the club queen: four, five, jack. What next?
    North’s sequence, a transfer bid followed by a jump to three no-trump, showed game values with exactly five hearts. South, with four-card heart support, converted to four hearts.
    East has played high-low in clubs, showing a doubleton. So you should cash your club king. East discards the spade two.
    Now you must count the high-card points. South promised 15-17 points. Since there are 12 in the dummy and you have 10, that leaves a “massive” 1-3 points for partner. He cannot have an ace, and the defenders cannot take a trick in spades or diamonds.
    You should continue with the club two.
    If declarer discards from the ssssheart eight, forcing out South’s ace and promoting his king as the setting trick.
    Or if declarer ruffs with dummy’s 10, East calmly discards and is assured of a trump trick.
    Whenever you have won all possible side-suit tricks, concede a ruff-and-sluff. It cannot cost and might gain.
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