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Bridge 2/16
Bridge is coming into schools
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    Bridge badly needs more young players, and several cities and states are trying to persuade schools to run extracurricular classes. One of the most successful has been Atlanta. Information is at
    The Georgia Youth Open Pairs State Championship was held in Roswell on Dec. 8. The winners were brothers Andrew and Richard Jeng of Johns Creek. They finished ahead of Arjun Dhir and Murphy Greene, and Mili Raina and Zandy Rizzo, all of Alpharetta.
    The winners did well on this deal. Richard (North) might have rebid two no-trump, which Andrew would probably have raised to three no-trump. After a diamond lead, North would have been held to nine tricks for plus 600.
    Four spades can be defeated by any lead except a club, but West made the eccentric start of the club jack. Declarer took the first trick in his hand and cashed two spades, getting the bad news. He should have drawn trumps and played on clubs, but he led a diamond to dummy's ace and called for a club. East should have discarded a heart, but he ruffed, cashed his heart ace, and shifted to a diamond. Declarer won, pulled trumps, and gave up a club to make his contract for plus 620 and a top.
    Although the play was imperfect, bear in mind that Richard is 7 years old and Andrew 10.
    The American Contract Bridge League also has a Web site at And from July 3 to 6, Atlanta will host the Youth North American Bridge Championships. Details are at
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