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Bridge 12/15
The book of the year is one of the best
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    The International Bridge Press Association's book of the year, after a landslide win in the voting, is "Canada's Bridge Warriors" by Roy Hughes (Master Point Press). These warriors are Sami Kehela and Eric Murray, whose collaboration helped make this book such a great read.
    They won numerous titles, but their achievements would have been even more impressive if they had not been at their peak at the same time as the Italian Blue Team.
    Kehela went with the odds in this deal from Canada's match against Great Britain at the 1976 World Team Olympiad in Monaco.
    After one heart - one spade, the South hand was too good for two clubs, but Kehela wanted a fifth club for a jump to three clubs. He compromised with two no-trump, which Murray raised to three no-trump. Kehela was happy he had not mentioned his clubs when West led the club six, and declarer took the trick with his eight. How did Kehela continue?
    He had seven top tricks: one spade, two hearts, two diamonds and two clubs. If the hearts were 3-3, that suit would provide two extra tricks. But declarer realized he had better chances by going after spades, succeeding not only with a 3-3 break, but also with 4-2 and the king onside.
    South cashed his spade ace and played a spade to dummy's queen. When that held, he continued with another spade to ensure his contract. Later, he was given an overtrick on a misdefense.
    In the other room the British pair took eight tricks in two no-trump, so Canada gained 11 international match points.
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