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Bridge 1/11
If you cannot get there from here
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Alfred Hitchcock said, "Seeing a murder on television ... can help work off one's antagonisms. And if you haven't any antagonisms, the commercials will give you some."
    If you might murder a contract, ask for help. Unfortunately, your partner, the dummy, cannot come to your aid, but the opponents are available.
    In this deal, you zoom into six spades. West leads the diamond king. You win with your ace and draw trumps in two rounds, West discarding a heart. What now?
    North's response of two no-trump was the Jacoby Forcing Raise, showing at least four-card support and game-going values. South took over with two doses of Blackwood. (If you use Roman     Key Card Blackwood, North's reply to four no-trump would be five spades, showing two key cards and the spade queen. And over five no-trump, he would bid six spades to deny a side-suit king. With a king, he would bid the suit of that king.)
    At first glimpse, it seems you have to find the club queen to get home. But that is not true. After winning with your diamond ace and drawing trumps, take your two heart tricks, then play a diamond. West is welcome to win with his queen, but what does he do next?
    If he shifts to a club, he finds the queen for you. If he leads a red-colored card, you ruff on the board and discard a club from your hand.
    It is fun to endplay an opponent into saving you a key guess. He will be so antagonized.
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