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Bridge 11/08
The longest-running show on the planet
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Auction Bridge Magazine was first published in May 1926. "Auction" was dropped three years later, and Bridge Magazine is still published monthly in London. It aims at tournament players, but has instructive articles and quizzes with vouchers as prizes.
    This deal is taken from one of David Bird's articles about the monks of St. Titus. The weakest player is Brother Aelred, who occasionally lands on his feet without, to quote the Abbot, having the faintest idea what he is doing.
    Let's see if you know what you are doing! You reach four spades. West leads the heart ace: five, three, two. West continues with the heart queen. What are your thoughts?
    West's four-heart opening is practical, if not textbook.
    First, South should drop the heart six at trick one, leaving West uncertain as to the location of the two. Second, if declarer covers with dummy's heart king at trick two, East will ruff and shift to the diamond jack. The defenders take one trick in each suit.
    At trick two, Brother Aelred ducked on the board, hoping that the Abbot (West) would shift to a minor. But West continued with a third heart, East ruffing and South overruffing. Now, though, Brother Aelred drew trumps and ran the club jack, establishing 10 tricks: six spades, one diamond and three clubs.
    Note that it does not help East to ruff the second heart and switch to a diamond. Declarer wins with his ace, pulls trumps, plays a club to the dummy, and discards a minor-suit loser on the heart king.
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