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Bridge 10/13
A variation on an enigmatic theme
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   Readers of yesterday’s column have an advantage in spotting today’s theme. But even if you just got back from Mars, the bidding should help you to find the right play.
    You are South, in four spades after West has overcalled your one-spade opening bid with one no-trump. West leads the diamond king. What would be your plan?
    North’s double of one no-trump was for penalty, saying that North and South have the balance of power, and that one no-trump should fail. East, by partnership agreement, redoubled for rescue, showing a weak hand and asking his partner to pick a trump suit. (When a one-no-trump  opening bid is doubled for penalty, there is a good case for responder’s redouble to say that he thinks the contract will make. But in this situation, if everyone is honest, the fourth hand must be destitute, and the SOS interpretation makes sense.) After West ran to two diamonds, North took an optimistic shot at four spades, knowing that his partner would be able to place the missing honors.
    You must lose one spade, one heart and one diamond, so must avoid conceding a second heart.
Where are the heart honors? There are only 17 points missing, so West must have the heart ace. Your only chance is to find East with the jack and 10.
    Win with dummy’s diamond ace and play a trump. Suppose West wins with his ace, cashes the diamond queen, and exits with a spade. Draw trumps ending on the board and play a heart to your nine.
    Here, you live happily ever after — or until the next deal.
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