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Bridge 10/10
Support with a support double
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    We are nearing the end of our series on doubles that are not for penalty, reaching the support double (and its brother, the support redouble). This is made by the opener after he has opened the bidding, his partner has responded one of a major, and the next player has made a minimum overcall in a suit (or has doubled for takeout). If the opener now doubles (or redoubles), he shows exactly three-card support for his partner's suit and any point-count. If instead he raises his partner's suit to any level, he guarantees four-card support.
    How does the responder rebid? If he has five or more cards in his major, he will normally make a quantitative bid in that suit. With only a four-card major, perhaps he can show support for the opener's suit, or bid no-trump, or cue-bid the overcaller's suit with game-going strength and no better bid available. If all else fails, he gets a drink at the bar!
    In today's deal, after North shows three hearts, South is happy to contract for game in that suit.
    West leads the spade king, and South can see four losers: two spades and two clubs. But he has one chance. He wins trick one on the board (if he ducks, West can beat the contract by shifting to a club) and plays a low diamond toward his jack. East wins with his queen and returns a spade, West taking two tricks in the suit. Next comes the club king, but declarer wins with his ace, cashes the diamond jack, draws three rounds of trumps ending on the board, and discards his club losers on the ace and king of diamonds.
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