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Ask Dr. Gott 2/16
Conditioner leaves reader with itchy skin
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    DEAR DR. GOTT: I have been reading your column for years and have been helped with numerous problems. I just love your down-home common-sense approach to medicine that is woefully lacking in modern society.
    Now I am in a position to help one of your readers (probably more of them). I, too, had a problem with severe itching on my skin that did not respond to any medication, lotion, cream, etc. While reading a magazine, I came across a two-sentence paragraph that changed my life. Best of all, the solution was free!
    It said that the residue from creme rinse (hair conditioner) is very irritating to the skin of some people. I changed my shower routine and saw immediate results. Now I shampoo, rinse, use creme rinse, rinse again and then I use bar soap to wash my body. I pay particular attention to my "trouble spots" (shoulders, arms and back of legs). I no longer suffer from the severe itching that dominated my life for many years.
    I hope and believe that my solution will be of help to others. As you've said before, "It won't hurt to try it."
    DEAR READER: One of the most common complaints I receive has to do with itching skin. The cause is often elusive, and the condition is maddening. I was particularly interested in the negative effects of creme rinse. I am, therefore, publishing your letter to alert other readers to the problem. You are correct that if this will help, we are accomplishing some good.
    Please keep me posted, readers.

    DEAR DR. GOTT: I have a friend who drinks anything mixed or beer like there's no tomorrow. His triglycerides are very high. I told him I thought all the alcohol he drinks could be the cause of the elevation. He claims his doctor told him it's not. He runs around with others who behave the same way. I may be wrong, but he seems to be in his glory when he has a drink in his hand.
    DEAR READER: Your friend appears to be drinking inappropriately. I would likely label him an alcoholic if I had more information about his drinking habits. What you have to remember is that he will not make significant changes in his lifestyle (and alcohol consumption) until he is ready to do so. Such a change in attitude is often the product of a DUI (driving under the influence) or a serious accident or illness. If I were you, I'd pull back, tell him about your concerns and hope that your friend will moderate his drinking or — better yet — stop altogether.
    To give you related information, I am sending you a copy of my Health Report "Mental/Substance Abuse."
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