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Celebration of Science
From an egg drop to bridge building, Portal students learn while having fun
Raven Tankersley, left, and Alaina Radford, both 10, wait with anticipation as Tankersley's entry in the Egg Drop is launched during Tuesday's Science Olympiad.
One after another, Portal Elementary School Principal Paul Hudson dropped bowls, buckets and boxes filled with cotton and paper shredding from atop a ladder perch on the school playground's basketball court. Students huddled around the principal, counting down each drop, to see if an egg placed within their shock-absorbing creations could survive the plummet. Not all eggs survived - including one ejected from its insulated box and left cracked, spewing on the court's cement ground - but smiling participants cheered as the event culminated a full day of science-related activities for third through fifth grade students.
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