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Bulloch County Historical Society awards members for service
The author of “The Hodges Family Murders and the Lynching of Paul Reed and Will Cato,” Dr. Charleton Moseley, right, received the historical society’s Distinguished Fellow Award from Joe McGlamery left, and Dr. Brent Tharpe, center.

The Bulloch County Historical Society held its 45th annual meeting June 25 at Pittman Park United Methodist Church. The sold-out event was one of the largest crowds ever at the group’s annual meetings.

During the meeting, the historical society honored several members with awards for service to the society and their dedication to the history of Bulloch County.

Here are the honorees:

Distinguished Fellow Award

The Distinguished Fellow Award is so special that the historical society has presented it to only one other member of the society. Dr. Charlton Moseley joins fellow recipient Dr. Del Presley for his truly outstanding contribution to the society, to its goals and its purpose. 

The author of “The Hodges Family Murders and the Lynching of Paul Reed and Will Cato,” Dr. Moseley’s lifetime of dedication to teaching history — 35 years in total, including three years of high school classroom work and 32 years in a college or university classroom – marks him as one who both understands the importance of understanding history, and as one able to communicate it to others.

Text of the award: “The Board of Directors of the Bulloch County Historical Society, in recognition of distinguished scholarship and contributions to the goals of the society, hereby confers the title of DISTINGUISHED FELLOW upon CLEMENT CHARLTON MOSELEY With all the Rights, Privileges and Honors thereunto appertaining. In witness whereof this honor is granted and the seal of the Bulloch County Historical Society and the signature of the president of the society are hereupon affixed. Given at Statesboro in the state of Georgia this 25th day of June in the year 2018 at the society’s annual meeting.”

Distinguished Fellow Award

Joe McGlamery is a scholar, a writer and a native Bulloch countian. His love of Bulloch County and its history has propelled the Bulloch County Historical Society into becoming one of the most involved organizations in Bulloch County.  

McGlamery was the catalyst between the Bulloch County Historical Society and the Jack N. and Addie D. Averitt Foundation that has given the society the funding to complete many projects.

A few accomplishments:

• The installation of 21 historical markers from one end of the county to the other and two in Candler County.

• First corporate membership drive was held with tremendous success.

• Thousands of third graders have been told the history of Bulloch County while enjoying a fantastic puppet show.

• Numerous documents have been digitized for the public’s use — the largest being newspapers up to 1961.

• Two books published:  “Out of the Past” and “The Hodges Family Murders and the Lynching of Paul Reed and Will Cato.”

• Revitalizing of Renaissance Park and placing an "Eagle Nation on Parade" at the regional library.

Kemp Mabry Educational Award

Dr. Kemp Mabry was a great story teller and a vital part of the launching and early success of the Bulloch County Historical Society. He wrote a column for the Statesboro Herald and spent months editing “Spirit of a People,” the bicentennial history of Bulloch County, published by the Statesboro Herald in 1996. The Kemp Mabry Educational Award is named in his honor and given to other great storytellers.

The 2018 award goes to Jenny Foss — the editor of “The Hodges Family Murders and the Lynching of Paul Reed and Will Cato” and the editor of Statesboro Magazine since 2005. 

Smith Callaway Banks Award for Volunteerism

The Smith Callaway Banks Award for Volunteerism is not given every year.  However, this year's recipient — Robert Seamans — has been earning this award since 2011. He always finds the time to help with a project and he approaches projects and challenges with a positive attitude and commitment to excellence.  

Seamans has worked on "Tales from the Tomb" and saw the installation of all road signs in Eastside Cemetery. He was instrumental in the revitalization of Renaissance Park and getting the historical society involved in this project.

For his dedication to Bulloch County and the Bulloch County Historical Society, a surprised Joe McGlamery, left, was presented the Distinguished Fellow Award by Dr. Bede Mitchell, center, and a jubilant Virginia Anne Waters.
Robert Seamans receives a hug from Virginia Anne Waters after being honored with the Smith Callaway Banks Award for Volunteerism at the Bulloch County Historical Society's annual meeting on June 25.
Joe McGlamery presents the Kemp Mabry Educational Award to Statesboro Magazine’s Jenny Foss, who edited "The Hodges Family Murders and the Lynching of Paul Reed and Will Cato."
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