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Artist, students create a large mosaic mural
W Nevils Mosaic Tree
Kindergarten through fifth-grade students at Nevils Elementary School created a colorful mosaic mural under the direction of local artist and NES parent Laura Lingle. - photo by Special

    Nevils Elementary School is now home to a colorful mosaic mural created by Kindergarten through fifth-grade students under the direction of local artist and NES parent Laura Lingle.  Named “Our Tree,” it is the centerpiece of the school’s story time area. 
    NES Principal Julie Blackmar and Art Teacher Nicole Dibble asked Lingle to work with the school in creating the mural.  The project resulted in a wavy, whimsical tree with the motto, “Branch out and Learn.”
    “Laura is a tremendous artist who is willing to share her time and talent with us,” said Blackmar. “I can never thank her enough.” 
    Lingle designed the mural, and then brought the tree to life by teaching students how to make mosaic animals on mesh using glass and ceramic tiles, marbles and pebbles.
    For two months she volunteered her time as an artist in residence in Dibble’s class, guiding students on how to create the ceramic shapes using rolling pins, cookie cutters, and glazes.  Ms. Dibble fired the mosaic pieces in the kiln, and finally Lingle and the students glued them directly on the wall to make the tree’s branches. 
    “My favorite part of working on the mosaic at Nevils was the time I spent in the art room with Ms. Dibble and the students,” said Lingle.  “They were very excited about being part of the project and couldn't wait to get their hands on the tiles and marbles.  I was thrilled to see them responding so enthusiastically to mosaics.”
    Lingle began sharing her talents with the school in 2007, when her daughter began kindergarten. After a brief move to Florida, Lingle returned to the area and reunited her partnership with NES. Since that time she’s shared several art presentations and hands-on projects with students.  To see the mosaic mural and more of Laura Lingle’s work online, you can visit www.motleylane

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