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Food service inspections - December-January
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    The following are among the food service establishments inspected in December and January by the Bulloch County Health Department. The department scores on a 100-percentile scale. Kitchens are inspected at least every four months and are required to post their score sheets in public. The score and selected comments from health inspectors are included in each report. All eating establishments are located in Statesboro, except where noted. To view all restaurant scores, visit

 Dec. 30, 2010
    Southern Billiards & Burgers, 200 Lanier Drive  Score: 87
    Cover all food items when not in use. All personal food items must be easily identified. Protect all single-service items. Clean inside cabinets (flour). Clean inside microwave. Clean rotisserie. Repair hot water at hand sink. Remove all garbage from kitchen area. Clean floors under and around grill area (grease). Inspector: Marlin Thomas.
Jan. 4, 2011
    Southern Billiards & Burgers,
200 Lanier Drive  Score: 99 (Reinspection)
    Clean bottoms of coolers and freezers. Inspector: Thomas.
Dec. 31
    Main Street Billiards,
24 West Main Street  Score: 94
    Clean popcorn maker. Rid kitchen of clutter and unused equipment. Clean floors under and around all equipment. Inspector: Thomas.
    Monkey Joe's, 1098 Bermuda Run Road, Suite 11  Score: 100
    Inspector: Thomas.
    Platinum Lounge, 2 Proctor Street  Score: 96
    Get soap at hand sink. Inspector: Thomas.
    Subway #28757, 1550 Chandler Road Suite A  Score: 99
    Inspector: Thomas.
Jan. 4
612 Northside Drive East  Score: 84
    Observed potentially-hazardous cold food held at greater than 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Store raw meats below other items in cooler. Post permit and most recent inspection. Post top portion of inspection at drive-through. Clean food trays and freezer bottom. Repair freezer floor where needed. Get adequate lighting in freezer. Food discarded. Inspector: Brad Wiggins.
Jan. 7
612 Northside Drive East  Score: 94 (Reinspection)
    Clean utensils. Repair freezer floor where needed. Get adequate lighting in freezer. Inspector: Wiggins.
Jan. 5
    Jimmy John Subs,
100 Brampton Avenue  Score: 96
    Certified food safety manager required. Inspector: Wiggins.
    Meinhardt Vineyards, 305 Kennedy Pond Road  Score: 100
    Inspector: Thomas.
Jan. 6
    Sallie Zetterower Elementary School
, 1724 Cawana Road  Score: 98 (New)
    Hand-washing signage needed at all hand sinks. Dishwasher not working properly. Inspector: Thomas.
    Country Girls Cafe, 6745 Highway 67 South, Brooklet  Score: 90
    Must use discard dates on leftovers. Need to wear hair restraints. Clean out utensil storage bins. Need test strips for sanitizer (bleach). Inspector: Jud Street.
Jan. 7
    Mr. Omelette,
503 Northside Drive East  Score: 90
    Label bulk food containers. Employees in kitchen must have hair nets or hats. Clean bulk containers. Need test strips for sanitizing solution. Replace damaged ceiling tiles where needed and clean floor where needed. Inspector: Jud Street.
    Medical Center Pharmacy, 57 Granade Street  Score: 99
    Wire shelving in dry storage has some rusted areas; correct by 01/07/2012. Oscillating fan shield has some dust build up; correct by: 01/08/2011. Exceptional job. Very clean and organized. Inspector: Misty McKanna.
    William James Elks Lodge, 36 James Street  Score: 89
    Clean fryers. Clean fryer baskets. Get internal thermometers in all coolers/freezers. Get hand-wash signs at hand sink. Post inspection report. Rid kitchen of insects. Inspector: Thomas.
    Holiday's Greek & Italian Cuisine, 406 Fair Road  Score: 94
    Keep lids cracked on hot items while in cooler to properly cool. Fix/repair cooler door gaskets and handles where needed. Need tests strips for sanitizer. Fix walls where needed. Inspector: Street.
Jan. 10
    Little Caesar's
, 331 Henry Boulevard  Score: 82
    Cover all foods. When using time as a public health control, four-hour discard time must be indicated on product. Food preps must restrain hair. Post most recent inspection within 15 feet of front door; cannot be behind counter. Clean shelves and food containers. Inspector: Wiggins.
Jan. 12
    Little Caesar's,
331 Henry Boulevard  Score: 97 (Reinspection)
    Do not keep dented cans. Inspector: Wiggins.
Jan. 10
    Bourbon Grill & More,
10 Statesboro Mall  Score: 90
    Personal drinks must be stored away from food, utensils and prep areas; corrected on-site. Wet wiping cloth not stored in sanitizing solution between uses; corrected on-site. Remove or resurface heavily-grooved cutting boards. Clean around storage shelves. Inspector: McKanna.
    Krystal's, 781 Brannen Street  Score: 91
    Clean slicer. No hand/arm jewelry allowed on food preps. Hair must be restrained. Protect all single-service articles. Replace worn pots and lids. Clean bottoms of coolers and freezer floor.  Inspector: Wiggins.
Jan. 11
611 Northside Drive East  Score: 97
    No Heimlich maneuver sign posted. No copy of latest inspection report. Food service license not properly displayed; corrected on-site. Store clean items inverted; corrected on-site. Store single-service lids and containers covered. Store single-use utensils handle up; corrected on-site. Repair broken floor tiles and small holes in wall tiles. Great work cleaning and handling. Work on storage and signage. Fantastic job. Inspector: McKanna.
    Rusty Tavern/Orient Express, 15 University Plaza  Score: 77
    Cover all foods. Must cool down foods to 70 degrees F within two hours then put in cooler to continue cooling to 41 degrees F. Get thermometers in all coolers. Store raw meats below other items in cooler. Store wiping cloths in sanitizer between uses. Post most recent inspection within 15 feet of front door; cannot be behind counter. Clean shelves and food containers. Replace ceiling tiles. Clean walls where needed. Inspector: Wiggins.
Jan. 13
    Rusty Tavern/Orient Express,
15 University Plaza  Score: 82 (Reinspection)
    Moldy food found in walk-in. Cover all foods. Do not store food on floor. Store wiping cloths in sanitizer between uses. Clean cooler bottoms. Clean equipment. Clean shelves. Clean food containers. Food discarded. Inspector: Wiggins.
    Ogeechee Area Hospice, 200 Donehoo Street  Score: 99
    Do not store non-food items in prep sink. Inspector: Street.
    Bulloch Academy, 873 Westside Road  Score: 89
    Dish machine must sanitize. Cooler for chicken will not bring down temperature fast enough. Should be cooled in mechanical cooler. Ice in cold-hold not adequate to maintain temperatures at salad bar. Shield must be used at hot food station. Clean corners and floor where needed. Do not use dish machine until 180 degrees F rinse is reached. Discard potentially-hazardous food after lunch. Items on cold bar just brought out prior to inspection. Lunch ends by 1 p.m. Inspector: Wiggins.
Jan. 25
    Bulloch Academy,
873 Westside Road  Score: 99 (Reinspection)
    Repair floor in walk in — cracked. Great job. Inspector: Wiggins.
Jan. 13
    Mellow Mushroom,
1098 Bermuda Run Road  Score: 91
    Clean and sanitize can opener. Increase sanitizer at 3-compartment sink. Need thermometer inside walk-in cooler. Do not store utensils (cups) in water that drains to bottom of storage unit. Clean A/C vents in front kitchen area. Inspector: Street.
Jan. 14
    William James Education Center,
150 Williams Road  Score: 96
    Store all clean utensils turned the same way to prevent cross contamination. Store single-service items wrapped or covered until used. Cooler and shelving racks are rusted. Repair any damaged walls and floors. Inspector: McKanna.
Jan. 18
    Portal Elementary School,
328 Grady Street, Portal  Score: 91
    Need to add sanitizer to dish sink. Hot water heater not working; parts ordered. Clean floor behind ice machine. Heater available to heat dish sink water using in sanitizer buckets. Cooks washing hands and using hand sanitizer. Mrs. Hendrix will call when fixed. Inspector: Street.
    Gnat's Landing, 470 South Main Street  Score: 87
    Clean utensil storage area has spill. Clean inside oven. Walk-in cooler ceiling is dripping. No hand-washing sign provided at a hand sink used by food employees.  Drinking straws stored improperly. Resurface or replace worn cutting boards. Repair ice maker lid. Clean cooler racks and fans. Clean and repair ceiling, floors and walls where needed. Inspector: McKanna.
Jan. 24
    Gnat's Landing,
470 South Main Street  Score: 97 (Reinspection)
    Air-dry bins completely before stacking. Repair/resurface any pitted walls, pipes and surfaces. Wonderful improvement. Great job. Very clean. Inspector: McKanna.

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