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Weekly Whatup
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            One more Friday to go.

            After one last Friday of doing whatever the heck it is we do when football is out of season, the kids are finally going to suit up and take the field.

            I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to have to wait.

            It’s times like these when I wish EA Sports would develop a game called “Southeast Georgia Football, 2009” for the Playstation 3.

            Don’t get me wrong, there’s great football being played all across America in the fall, but it would take video game developers forever to get all those prep teams from all 50 states programmed into the software. I mean, they haven’t even figured out how to get all the Division I teams into the recent editions of the NCAA franchise yet.

            That’s why they should just focus on our little corner of America.

            Man, that would be awesome, am I right?

            Just think – you put the seventh and eighth graders through training programs you set up, get them through JV and guide them through their region schedule until you get to the playoffs, where anything can happen.

            You could play as Statesboro High and maybe use a two-quarterback system to fight through the rigors of a grueling Region 2-AAAA schedule.

            You could be the Portal Panthers, setting up your defense to slow down powerhouses like Johnson County until you get it back on offense, hit “L2” to make a juke and break that big play with Casey Ware or Corey Walker taking it to the house.

            You could guide Southeast Bulloch’s Dee Odum over the next few years, racking up his rushing stats until he gets recruited by an SEC school.

            If you choose Bulloch Academy, you could manage your 28-man roster through a tough GISA Region 2-AA schedule, where a loss each and every week could cost you a Region title.

            You could keep the dynasty going at ECI, bring the glory back to Metter or put Claxton on the map. You could set state rushing records at Screven County or go undefeated at Jenkins County.

            And just think how awesome all those stadiums would look in the game.

            Then, if you’re good enough, you can guide your team all the way to the Dome for the state championship. That part of the game would be easy – they already have the Georgia Dome in the Madden and NCAA games.

            Ah well, it’s just wishful thinking. After all, they’re never going to make a game like that anyway.

            What a shame.

            Good thing in less than two weeks, those teams will actually get out there and do it for real.


No news is good news?

            There have been few controversial occurrences at Georgia Southern over the offseason. A couple of players were declared ineligible, a handful of guys who were expected to be difference makers out there quit and a huge freshman class showed up looking pretty talented.

            The problem is, every school has news like that. It’s nothing special.

            What I want to know is, where’s the scoop?

            Where’s the big-time BCS transfer quarterback rolling into town to shake things up? It’s just no fun without a boatload of hype coming into the program from Arkansas or Southern Miss or Ohio State.

            And another thing, what’s with the quarterback controversy? I mean, there isn’t one! There isn’t even a hint that anyone other than Lee Chapple will get the nod at any time during the football season.

            There’s been no football-coach firings, no major changes on the coaching staff, no arrests and, well, no drama.

            That means consistency, focus, repetition, calmness off the field and intensity on the field heading into 2009.

            I guess all those are good things, too.


            Matt Yogus can be reached at (912) 489-9408.