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Blue Devils win Area 9 drill title
SHS Drill
The Statesboro Blue Devils JROTC drill team poses with its trophies and awards after winning the 2014 Area 9 championship on April 22 in Metter. - photo by Special to the Herald

SHS Placings
Male Mixed Events

Jean Williams
    Unarmed Platoon, 1st place
Demarka Smith
    Armed Squad, 1st place
Jessica Harper
    Unarmed Squad, 2nd place
J.D. Page
    Armed Platoon, 2nd place
Demarka Smith, Lucian Lyons
    Dual Exhibition, 2nd place
Lucian Lyons
    Individual Exhibition, 3rd place
Demarka Smith
    Individual Exhibition, 1st place
Angel Pacheco
    Color Guard, 5th place

Female Events
Tatsy-Ana James
    Armed Platoon, 1st place
Erin Holloway
    Unarmed Platoon, 1st place
Kwanjai Wilson
    Armed Squad, 1st place
Semeria Jones
    Unarmed Squad 1st place    Khadijah Lee
    Color Guard, 3rd place
Shakira Mitchell,Ashanti Rivers
    Dual Exhibition, 2nd place
Erin Holloway, Tatiana Avendano
    Dual Exhibition 1st place
Kwanjai Wilson
    Armed Individual Exhibition, 2nd  place

    METTER — The Statesboro High JROTC drill team topped Area 9 in the Region Championship drill meet on Tuesday, April 22, in Metter.
    Some notable mentions are Demarka Smith, who led the male armed squad to first place and Jean Williams, who led the SHS male unarmed platoon to another first place.
    In the female division, Semeria Jones directed the unarmed squad to a first-place finish. Tatsy-ana James led the female armed platoon to receive first place for the second year in a row.
    Additionally, the SHS females won the first- and second-place spots for dual exhibition drill and Angel Pacheco placed third in the Armed Knockout event, which includes both males and females.
    First Sergeant David Redwine, who coaches the SHS drill team, shared his thoughts about the season ending.
    “It has been a long season due to rainouts having to be rescheduled. We also endured having our state championship meet cancelled due to Army cutbacks, so the Region Championship had to serve as our Super Bowl," Redwine said. "With the seniors leaving, the female drill team will be hurt the most because they are losing a lot of experienced cadets. The males will miss Jean Williams’s leadership. Jean is fun but firm when needed and very mature for his age so the cadets really respond to his leadership.”
    Despite losing a lot of experienced team members the future is still bright for the Drill Devils because cadets in leadership positions have prepared people under them to take their place. As Redwine declared, “We don’t rebuild, we reload!”