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Monday Mouthoff
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First off, a Happy New Year to one and all. Hope everyone enjoyed what little time off you may have gotten.
    Last week provided plenty to talk about, whether you’re in to that whole BCS mess or just happy all the local teams are back in action.
    Speaking of local teams, we’ve got a doozy for you on Tuesday night at Hanner Fieldhouse.
    Portal and Statesboro will square off in a battle royale in a game with more storylines than even Roger Clemens could dream of.
    The Panthers are no doubt one of the top Class A teams in the state, with stars David Buchannon and Mario Farris. The Blue Devils are just struggling to stay at .500. But don’t let that fool you. SHS always seems to have the Panthers’ number.
    Coach Jeff Brannen played for Statesboro’s Lee Hill — sorry to give away your age coach Hill — and has been trying to turn Portal into a Statesboro-esque program ever since he arrived at one of the state’s smallest schools.
    The Blue Devils aren’t without their firepower either. Eric Ferguson can just about do it all, and he probably will Tuesday night.
    So be there Tuesday night. Whatever else you had planned, better make sure you reschedule and head to Hanner.

Dogs barking
    Most of us watched that school in Athens beat up on the Islanders from the Pacific last week. Now, as expected, there’s an annoying bunch of yelping coming from the north, that, not only should the Pups have been playing for the BCS title this year, but that they’re sure as hell going to be playing for it next year.
    Really, I can’t argue with the latter of that. Georgia looks like they’ll have a pretty talented bunch next year, and may be rolling over and everything that gets in its way.
    They’ll have to get past that game on Aug. 30 first, though.

Statesboro Blues
    Thank goodness it’s still early, because if Georgia Southern were playing like this in March it’d be bad news.
    The Eagles have dropped three in a row and haven’t looked very good doing it, digging insurmountable holes and struggling at the offensive end of the floor. Hopefully they can get back on track Thursday night against the hated College of Charleston at Hanner.

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