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CrossFit Boro gets pumped up, now in bigger location
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When the haze of the holidays finally wears off in a week or so, there will be plenty of people wondering why they’ve been eating nonstop since Thanksgiving and vowing to get in better shape in 2013.

Luckily for them, CrossFit Boro is going strong as it winds down its first year in town.

In fact, the unique workout experience that can be found at CrossFit has been so popular that the gym – or ‘box’, in the company’s vernacular – has already had to move to a more spacious location to suit the growing membership and demands.

CrossFit opened its doors this spring in a small storefront off of Northside Drive near Statesboro High school, but within months, was overflowing with members going through their daily workout. CrossFit owner Ryan Brack set out in search of a bigger space for his members and has now set up shop across from Mill Creek Regional Park in the building formerly occupied by the Macay McBride Sports Academy.

"It’s been a crazy year," said Brack. "In just that first month, we went from zero to 96 people and basically outgrew our old place as soon as we opened. Now that we have almost 8,000 square feet of space and some new equipment, we’re hoping to fill this place up just as fast."

One reason for the immediate success of CrossFit Boro could be the unique aspect of the gym and the day-to-day experiences for members. While many fitness centers simply charge a fee and leave the workout plan to the customer, CrossFit provides a focused set which changes every day.

Members walking into CrossFit won’t find the high-tech machines, snack bars, televisions and wall-to-wall mirrors that are selling points at many other gyms. Instead, CrossFit provides some simple rowing machines, climbing ropes, and various unwieldy objects to throw around.

Without the normal distractions – and with the guidance of certified trainers leading each session – members are quickly in and out of their daily workout, sometimes in less than half an hour, but always with a demanding and productive workout.

"I think that a big part of what we provide is that benefit of having two or three certified trainers leading every class," said Brack. "At other places, you’re going to pay 40 or 50 dollars per hour to get that personal training experience. Even if you’re on the unlimited plan at CrossFit, you’re only paying 5 to 10 dollars per class to get that instruction."

With the quick growth of membership and CrossFit’s decision to add extra classes soon after opening, there was a demand for more instructors.

Fortunately, the benefits of participation in the program have driven some members to take the next step and start leading the way.

"The first day I did CrossFit was a complete shock to me," said April Wheeler, "I was nervous, but it was a great experience. The people here are great. They support each other, but also push each other. As I advanced through, I decided that I wanted to become a trainer so that I could help anyone who wants to come join us."

As CrossFit has found a firm foothold in the Statesboro community, it is now branching out. In keeping with the program’s idea of constant competition — be it with your own abilities or against others — members have traveled throughout the region to join members of other CrossFit locations to square off in challenges.

Brack stated that he was happy with how his fledgling members were able to compete after such a short time, but is just as focused on continuing to welcome new members into the CrossFit Boro family.

"I think that these last few months have proven that this is something Statesboro needs," said Brack. "Honestly, I had no idea that we would grow up so fast, but we’re going to keep providing what our members want and just continue to give them a great opportunity and location to live a healthy lifestyle."


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