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Woodin Nikel again cited for alcohol violation
Ace Amerson cam
Ace Amerson

            Just a day after the Statesboro Alcohol Control Board voted to revoke the Woodin Nikel's alcohol license, police said a bartender there violated the same ordinance that caused the revocation.

            Statesboro Police detectives conducting several alcohol compliance checks throughout the city Friday said they observed Kristen Danielle Lobis, 21, Fayetteville, sell three alcoholic beverages at once to Elizabeth Lyn Poe, 20, Macon, said Statesboro Police Chief Stan York.

            "Detectives immediately questioned the sale for several reasons," he said. "Poe appeared to be under the age of 21 ... Poe was provided three alcoholic beverages at one time ... and Poe had a wristband that identified her as being 21 years of age."

            When detectives questioned Poe, she admitted she was only 20. She said she had no identification on her person, and a search revealed none, he said.

            Poe told detectives "one of the bouncers knows her and banded her as being 21 years of age," he said. "Poe would not identify the bouncer."

            Poe was cited for underage possession of alcohol. Lobis was cited for serving more than two alcoholic beverages to a patron at one time, which is a violation of city ordinance.

            Clyde Alan "Ace" Amerson, 28, who owns the Orient Express and operates the Woodin Nikel, was not available at the time but "citations will be issued to him upon his return of Statesboro," York said. Amerson will be cited for violations of ordinances governing pricing of alcoholic beverages and "additional charges are pending in reference to sale of alcohol to persons under 21," he said.

            Thursday, the Alcohol Board voted 4-2 to revoke Amerson's license because of similar violations recorded by hidden camera during a Statesboro Police investigation April 12 and 16. Stemming from those incidents, six citations were issued for giving away free alcoholic beverages. City ordinance requires all alcohol served must be priced at or above wholesale prices.

            Amerson told the Statesboro Herald last week he did not intend to appeal the alcohol board's decision. "I told  the board I'd abide by their decision and take it like a man," he said.

            Statesboro City Clerk Judy MCorkle said anyone whose alcohol license is revoked is notified by mail, and is allowed five days to notify the city whether they plan to appeal. If they do not do so, an officer will show up at the business to remove the license.
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