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Up with People not finished with Katie Walker
Show slated to play Statesboro next March
UWP- Jai Ho
A dance called "Jai Ho" has Katie Walker and other cast members in motion. - photo by SPECIAL PHOTO
After a year dancing, singing and doing volunteer work in eight nations from the Philippines to Finland, Katie Walker has taken a job promoting the organization that made it possible, Up with People.Walker, 22, is a legacy Up with People performer. Her parents, Lee and Debbie Walker, met while touring North America and Europe as musicians in an Up with People band in 1984-1985. Now, they’re all playing a role in bringing Up with People to Statesboro for a week of service and performance in March 2013.Long before “Glee,” even before “Fame,” there was “Up with People,” which like those shows was a pop culture phenomenon during its time.But in addition to a high-energy musical touring company, the Up with People recipe mixes in a dash of student exchange program and a cupful of Peace Corps-like purpose.
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