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Undercover drug deals net 3 arrests
Investigators seeking 4th suspect
James Wesley Edenfield - photo by Special

    Drug purchases by undercover agents led to three arrests Friday, said Bulloch County Drug Suppression Team Inv. Kent Munsey. Investigators are seeking a fourth man they say was involved in a methamphetamine operation east of Statesboro.
    Casey Marie Kicklighter, 27, Burkhalter Road, was charged with two counts of sale of methamphetamine, one count of methamphetamine possession, a count of manufacturing methamphetamine and probation violation, he said.
    Investigators seek James Edward Parrish, 29, also of Burkhalter Road, on the same charges, he said.
    After making several undercover purchases of methamphetamine from Kicklighter and Parrish during a month-long investigation, agents obtained warrants to search the residence at See Pines Apartments, and found “the remnants of a meth lab,” Munsey said.  They also discovered an assortment of ingredients and items used in making methamphetamine, he said.
    Kicklighter was arrested at the scene, but Parrish is still at large, he said. Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts is asked to call the Bulloch County Sheriff's Department at 764-8888.
    In other undercover purchasing sting, drug agents arrested two other area residents in separate operations, Munsey said.
    Mark William Lank, 41, West Waters Road, was charged with possession of a counterfeit substance after he sold a substance he said was methamphetamine, Munsey said. The substance has been sent to a lab for testing but was not meth, he said.
    In a separate transaction, James Wesley Edenfield, 39, Hawthorne Road, was charged with sale of a Schedule II drug, Percocet.    
    Munsey said Edenfield was arrested after a single sale of Percocet to an undercover agent.


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