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Two arrested on meth charges
Glenn Lamar Shuman
    A Bulloch County Drug Suppression Team investigator recognized the name of a suspicious person being watched at a local retail store and responded to the scene, and ended up arresting two on methamphetamine charges.
    Capt. Rick Rountree was listening to his police radio Friday when he overheard the  name of a person "I had received information in the past about that may be involved" in methamphetamine manufacturing and trafficking, he said.
    He headed to the Statesboro Wal-Mart parking lot after hearing radio traffic regarding store officials and a Statesboro Police officer watching a man they suspected was buying items used to manufacture methamphetamine, he said.
    Rountree arrived and began watching the suspect, later identified as Glenn Lamar Shuman, 55, P.W. Clifton Road, he said.
    He watched as the  man sat in his car for about 30 minutes, then saw a second car arrive. Shuman began moving his purchases into that car, driven by Aubrey Elizabeth Sims, 24, Howard Drive, Bloomingdale, he said.
    At that point Rountree approached the pair and began questioning them. Apparently Shuman's car would not start and Sims was picking him up, he said.
    But further investigation after obtaining a consent to search Shuman's car revealed "grits" - what Rountree said is "a byproduct of making methamphetamine," inside the car. "Grits" are what is left after the methamphetamine is manufactured, but still contains a quantity of methamphetamine and is therefore illegal, he said.
    Rountree said he seized about 112 grams, or around four ounces of the "grits."
    He said he did not think Shuman was making methamphetamine in the vehicle, but "would not give an answer as to why he had it in the car" except to claim he was set up and someone else placed the meth residue in his car.
    Unsure of what else they might find that could be hazardous, drug agents "shut down the part of the parking lot and  put on (protective) gear before exploring further, he said.
    Shuman had purchased two one-gallon plastic pitchers, two five-gallon buckets, paper towels, a propane cylinder and butane cylinder, which are all used in manufacturing methamphetamine, Rountree said. A small bottle of acid, which was labeled as such, was also found, he said. Acid is also used in making meth.
    Shuman was charged with trafficking in methamphetamine, while Sims was charged with criminal attempt to manufacture methamphetamine because of her " association with Shuman" and further evidence, he said.
    Both were taken to the Bulloch County Jail where they are being held without bond, according to jail records.
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