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Suspect arrested taking photos at school
Man using false name charged with disrupting school, simple assault
Gordon Lynn Jarriel

A man using a false name who was reportedly taking unauthorized photos at a local middle school was arrested on charges of simple assault and disrupting a public school.

Gordon Lynn Jarriel, 50, of North Main Street, was reportedly using the name "Oliver Starr" while he was "taking pictures and acting suspiciously" Oct. 31 at Langston Chapel Middle School, according to Bulloch County sheriff's incident reports.

Deputy James Revell responded to a call to the school around 7 p.m. Monday, speaking via telephone with Principal Dr. Evelyn Gamble-Hilton while on the way to the school, reports stated. As he was on the phone with her, Revell heard Gamble-Hilton ask Jarriel if he was threatening her. He also heard her tell him to leave several times and tell him not to take photos of her, that he did not have permission to do so, according to reports.

When Revell arrived at the school, he saw Jarriel standing by flag pole next to Gamble, with a camera hanging around his neck, he said.

Revell asked for Jarriel's driver's license and discovered his true identity. Jarriel denied having taken any photos and showed his camera had no memory card, claiming it was too dark to take photos anyway, reports said.

Then he asked whether Revell remembered him from a previous incident when he spoke to him about Jarriel's "stepdaughter." Jarriel said he was at the school in order to talk to Gamble-Hilton and the athletic director about taking sports photos, as well as to discuss his stepdaughter, Revell reported.

Upon further questioning, Jarriel admitted that the juvenile girl in question was not actually his stepdaughter, instead explaining hat the was not married to the girl's mother, nor was he the girl's actual father. The mother has full custody of the juvenile, he said, according to reports.

Jarriel admitted that he was just friends with the girl's mother and just wanted to "get to the bottom of her (the juvenile) being bullied," reports stated.

At that point, Revell placed Jarriel in handcuffs and charged him with disrupting a public school and simple assault on a public school employee.

He informed Jarriel that no one at the school could give him information about the juvenile girl of whom he did not have custody. Revell asked again whether Jarriel had taken any photos, and he denied it again, he said.

However, just before Revell searched his belongings, Jarriel admitted having been "untruthful" and said he had a memory card in his camera bag that contained photos of Gamble-Hilton and other photos taken around the school campus, reports said.

Jarriel was taken to the Bulloch County Jail, from where he was released on bond Wednesday. He was also warned against returning to any school or school function, according to reports.

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