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Statesboro Police Department receives grant for crime suppression unit
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    The Statesboro Police Department received big news recently - to the tune of over $317,000.
    A grant the department applied for in June was not only awarded, but the state increased the amount requested by 10 percent, said Statesboro Police Chief Stan York.
    Capt. Wendell Turner and Det. Rob Bryan  requested $288,838 "to purchase equipment, vehicles and other items to assist in forming a Crime Suppression Unit," he said.
    The Statesboro Police Department received a letter from the Department of Justice announcing approval of  the grant request, and included welcome news that the Statesboro Police Department is one of 106 agencies in the country applying for the grant that will receive 10 percent more than they asked for, he said.
    The total amount of the grant is $317,722, York said.
    "The Crime Suppression Unit will consist of three officers from the Uniformed Patrol Division and one detective from the Criminal Investigation Division," he said. "This unit will target offenders who commit drug, gang, gambling, vice and firearms crimes."
    The team will take a "multifaceted approach," working with other police departments in the region, he said. Sometimes the unit will "be working joint cases" with other agencies, he said.
    The grant, administered by the Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance and Office of Justice Programs, is known as the Edward Byne Memorial Discretionary Grant. The funds will be used to purchase equipment, vehicles and other items needed to form the nit, York said.
    The Crime Suppression Unit began operating Thursday, Nov. 1, and is expected to be fully operational by Jan. 1, 2008, he said.
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