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Soundoff 12/19
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.
    "This is for the person that wrote in about Georgia retirees payin' their own medical insurance. I do pay my own medical insurance. And furthermore, I pay taxes on my Social Security check, which was already taxed in my paycheck when I was workin'. So think about that before you go openin' your mouth up."
    " This is for all of us that agree about the destruction of our trees all in the name of building and expansion. It's really all in the name of money. And when those trees are gone, they're gonna be gone forever."
    "Schools are easy to target with misinformation and someone has chosen to target a very good school, Mill Creek Elementary School. The fact is only three teachers have left the school in the past two years to take teaching jobs at other schools. Others who have left have either taken AP position, moved out of state, retired or moved because of county realignment. Mill Creek Elementary is the only Bulloch County school that has made AYP for the past seven years and was one of three National High Flying schools last year. The staff has a heart for children and will continue to do what is best for the kids of Bulloch County."
    "Your article on the 34-minute-long execution of someone who got the death penalty. I wonder if the attorneys were outraged at the crime that he committed. Or the advocates against the death penalty outraged at the crime that this person committed. None of the articles I have read mention the crime that he committed. I am outraged that people do crimes that are so bad that they have to be put to death."
    "I just read today's paper and noticed there was not a article about Georgia Southern. I wondered if the apocalypse or if the end is … the end was near."
    "This is to the person that wrote in Soundoff sayin' they was appalled about the … community … paper for not puttin' a writin' in about Donnie Simmons. I don't know where you were, whether you can't read or you can't see or what, but Statesboro Herald put a wonderful … article in there about him after his funeral. And the NAACP had a beautiful flower there. So, I don't know where you were…"
    "In response to the person suggesting using the campus post office for their mailing needs. First, they don't offer the same services as the downtown post office. Second, it's a long walk from the parking lot. And third, I got a ticket for parking on campus."
    "I need a answer to a question I have about the cars. These … kids can go down the road playin' loud music and they'll give 'em a ticket in a heartbeat. But why is it that a … a person can have a … a little boy with a big pickup truck have these loud mufflers, deliberately loud as they can be, but yet they don't get a ticket for that kinda junk. Oh, by the way, I live in Metter, where everything's better. Sure."
    "I wish the editor of the crossword puzzle would go to … and get sobered up so we can enjoy our crossword puzzles."
    "Would the residents of 461 Parrish Road please remove their yard sale signs from around town?"
    "This is for the person who called in looking for a nativity scene for a yard. There's a gentleman on Highway 80 … right past Burkhalter Road on the left goin' toward Brooklet. He makes beautiful ones and our church has bought an entire scene from him. It looks really nice."
    "I just wondered if the editors could be more careful about … checkin' things in the paper. The crossword puzzle … usually at least about once every … 10 days is a repeat of the day's before. Looks like that could be somethin' that could be easily checked. I enjoy doin' a crossword puzzle and am always disappointed when it's a repeat the next day."
    "This call is … I guess for the county or whoever's in charge of scrapin' Barrel Road. Somebody do somethin' with that road. I was goin' down there yesterday and hit a bump and throwed my dog out the back of the truck. I want to know who gon' pay for the … who gon' pay for fixin' my dog broke leg. Somebody need to scrape this road."
    "The guys that … that went over there and tried to rob the preacher in … in Effingham County, Springfield. They ought to put 'em on the dumb crook news 'cause why would you go to a radio station to rob somebody? They don't have cash there. Anyway, they … they deserve everything they git. I hope they find 'em guilty. Deserve everything they git. Please put that in Soundoff."
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