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September 24 - Another accident at East Georgia College. How many of our children must die bef
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Another accident ... at East Georgia ... College. ... How many of our children must die before we ... before the county ... puts in a traffic light? ... Are they going to coordinate that traffic light with ... traffic ... coming out of Ogeechee Tech ... or we gon' have to count deaths there, too? But the question is, before the county ... repairs ... the damage ... how many of our children must die? That's the question ... that really ... bothers me the most.

I commend the gentlemen who brought it to our attention 'bout the open ... meeting acts violated last year. However, I'm upset that city tax is being used to pay the suing party. Shouldn't the city officials who violated the open meeting act pay? Voters expect those whom we elect to abide by the rules. Why do they have to use our money to pay for their mistake?

Operation Medicine Drop is a wonderful, wonderful ... service for us in Bulloch County. But, I got a question. How in the world do you ... remove the ... pharmacy labels off of your prescription bottles? Somebody answer, please.

Well, there's nuthin' more embarassin' than to walk into a nice restaurant with your family ... and to see someone walk in with the pants down around their knees. Hey, guys ... those belt loops are there for a reason. Put a belt around it; wear it around your waist like you're supposed to.

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