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September 20 - What's wrong with the folks and businesses in Statesboro and Bulloch County? Last w
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

What's wrong with the folks ... and businesses in Statesboro and Bulloch County? Last weekend, while we remembered 9/11, so few homes and businesses had our American flag flying proudly. ... How soon we forget the great pride and sadness we had those 10 years ago when we were attacked. ... Let's all fly our American flag on patriotic holidays. Let's everyone fly the flag.

Wow! A once in a lifetime event occurred this past Friday ... as reported in the Statesboro Herald Saturday, the 10th. ... No high school football team in the state of Georgia with names starting from N to Z won a football game.

This is ... to response of the person who left in the Soundoff on Tuesday's paper ... about the wedding. Yes, it is customary to purchase a gift for the bride and groom. But, with the economy bein' the way it is ... if they didn't have a gift, it should've been okay. And if you thought enough of this person to send them an invitation to share your special moment ... with you, then, bringin' a gift really shouldn't matter.

The 2012 election is coming. A nation of sheep breathes a government of wolves. ... Let's take a stand. Get rid of Obama. Close the borders. English is our language. ... Our culture is Constitution and The Bill of Rights. ... Mandatory drug screening before welfare. ... No freebies to non-citizens. That would definitely cut the debit. ... And any child born here becomes the citizenship of its parents.

When the 2012 election comes around, Obama would have been there four years. Ask yourself the question when you go to vote. ... Has he saved or created ... more poor people?

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