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September 14 - On Monday, September 6th on the front page of the Herald I see a front page abov
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On Monday, September 6th ... on the front page of the Herald ... I see a front page above the fold headline, 'Bachmann opens South Carolina forum railing against Obama'. But I failed to see one word about Jimmy Hoffa's hateful rhetoric about the TEA Party ... Saturday. Think maybe the Associated Press is a little biased? ... Will Gene Lyons rail against Hoffa or Bachmann? Thank you and bye!

While ... while four-lanin' the bypass the extra 10 miles out to the interstate's a great idear ... it only took seven years ... to four-lane it from the hospital to the top of 67, which is about two miles. ... So, it would take another 70 years at the rate they do this to get the 10 years paved. So, if you're older than 10 years old, you probably won't live to see it. But it is a great idea anyhow.

... I ... I live out of town. ... I have two daughters that go to Georgia Southern. ... On several occasions, D&R Auto Care has assisted them. ... The folks at D&R are very honest, decent people.

We are in our second summer of recovery. Remember in 2010, Joe Biden said ... we would be adding 500,000 jobs a month. ... I believe ... this month, there was zero jobs created. ... I believe Joe was ... exaggerating a little bit.

I hope there is a change in 2002 before this country's financial system collapses under the leadership of Obama and his misguided advisors.

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