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May 27 - God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for a terrible, immoral sin. ... Our president ... just en
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God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for a terrible, immoral sin. ... Our president ... just endorsed that same sin. ... If you want God to destroy America ... you just go out and vote for this president at the next election. ... And you remember when you're sittin' in church on Sunday - you Christian people - and you're playin' church on Sunday, you remember this when you're sittin' in there. And why don't you preachers ... tell your congregations ... this is sin and this man is doing wrong, is supporting ... this kind of a sin.

I was wonderin' why ... around in the county at the dumpster sites - not the recycle centers, but the Dumpster sites - why can't there be a long ... container there, Dumpster container ... that handles ... nuthin' ... you know ... not household items. ... Nuthin' but ... stuff that's not household items. ... Why can't the county do that? ... Thanks. Have a great day.

This country is going to hell in a hand basket. This country cannot take or survive another four years of progressive socialist programs ... from left-wing Democrats. ... We have lost our way and morals and if Obama is reelected, we will never recover.

Did you know that there is now floating in the Pacific Ocean a 3.5 million-ton island of crap made up of all the indestructible stuff we toss away. ... The stuff that ... will never break down like Styrofoam ... and old Clorox bottles ... and it's twice the size of Texas. ... That's right. ... The Pacific Ocean now contains more white trash than Texas.

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