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May 26 - We're so, so very thankful to live in such a wonderful community as ... Bulloch County. .
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We're so, so very thankful to live in such a wonderful community as ... Bulloch County. ... Not only ... the best schools ... there's ... everything. The city is very clean and it's family-oriented. And it's nice to be able to go to the park ... and see families there ... enjoying themselves. ... It is so much a blessing to see ... that our city still backs families and ... I'm ... thankful to be a part of a great community ... where there's morals and there's understanding ... that families do begin ... with a ... husband and wife and children. Anything outside of that ... well ... needless to say, it's nowhere close to a family.

I wonder how Barry Satarro ... aka Obama ... buddies ... are gonna - Muslim buddies -- are gonna feel about his stance on gay marriage.

If a Republican changes his mind on a position, it is called a flip-flop. He is crucified in the press for lacking conviction. But Obama suddenly announces he is in favor of gay marriage and the report is that his position has evolved. Gee, just in time for the election. Why can't people see who he really is?

The president ... has shaken his fist at God. ... He claims to be a Christian ... but, yet ... he supports everything that goes against God's teachings in the Holy Bible. ... If you support this man for president ... you are just as guilty of ... sin against God as he is.

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