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May 18 - "All right, Statesboro Herald ... Sports Department. ... On ... Tuesday, May 8th, Major Le
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All right, Statesboro Herald ... Sports Department. ... On ... Tuesday, May 8th, Major League Baseball standings ... it shows Philly in first, Atlanta in second, Florida in third and so forth. ... I went back and looked at it. ... This is from ... May 21st, 2010, standings. I don't know how you did it, but you got 2010 standings ... as of 2012. ... Get your act together!

Today ... I pay my ad valorem taxes on my ... truck and camper. ... The truck is a 2006 pickup. ... I was taxed on last year's value of $5,200. I know my truck is worth less each year. ... I was told ... the state have froze the value on some vehicles. ... In other words, I am being taxed above the value of my truck. ... This taxation will affect all of us as it applies to all of us. ... I am calling my ra ... my state representative ... and sending an email to Governor Deal. We are being ripped off. Check your taxes on your vehicles.

America must stop bragging that it's the greatest country on earth and start acting like it. ... I know that it is uncomfortable for the faith over facts crowd, but the greatness of a country can - to a large degree - be measured. Here are some numbers: infant mortality rate. ... America ranks 48th in the world; overall health, 72nd; freedom of the press, 44; literacy, 55th. ... Do you realize there are 12-year-old kids in this country who can't spell the name of the teacher they're havin' sex with?


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