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May 15 - I've been listenin' on the news all day today about an unruly passenger on a Delta ai
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    … I've been listenin' … on the news all day today about … an unruly passenger on a Delta airline. Like … who tried to open a … cockpit door or cabin door or sumthin'. … But I've yet to hear … anybody mention what religion he his for some reason.

... You can always talk about ... Osama, Obama or Holli Bragg. Why can't you put the river stages in the newspaper? Thank you.

Well, you know, it's not a great mystery ... with the young people of today. They have so much peer pressure ... and the things they hafta deal with. We need to be very patient with them. After all ... the music they listen to, the rap music, has done more damage to them. Look at statistics. If anything else that they have ever dealt with, it is destroyin' our young people of today. Yes, moms and dads, it is detroyin' our young people of today.

I wonder how all you people that love Obama so much ... like payin' these high-price gas prices and ... watchin' on television lyin' to us when he can't change the oil prices or do anything about it. ... Have a good day.

Saw on TV where Osama bin Laden was a fan of the old open-minded forward-thinking ... liberal Jimmy Carter. ... Says he had read Mr. Carter's books. How cool is that.

... I just seen on the CNN News ticker where seven Islamic ... was elec ... was arrested in France. Now, my question is ... what were they arrested for? ... And if they ... were arrested for bein' an Islamic, then what exactly is an Islamic? ... And how does an Islamic different from a terrorist? ... Would somebody please explain that to me?

... I'm calling in reference to the two police officers that is stationed on Morris Street. ... The Pentecostal church is havin' a revival this week. I don't see them stationed outside other churches ... of other races, but they're stationed ... stoppin' people and I don't even know why. ... What's the purpose? They're tryin' to serve God. I mean, when is it against the law to serve God? They're just stationed there. Two police officers, wastin' time, stationed ... with people that are tryin' to serve God.

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