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March 31 - Thank you, President Obama, for trying to help the poor. Insurance premiums are outrageou
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Thank you, President Obama, for trying to help the poor. Insurance premiums are outrageous … if you can get it. They won't even write a policy … with preexisting conditions. The Republicans and the wealthy are so greedy. They want everything for themselves.

I wish you ignorant beings would stop saying President Obama is a Muslim. He is not a Muslim, has never said he is a Muslim. Stop trying to incite division and hatred in America. Let everyone grow together.

I find it absolutely amazing that the people here in the United States … do not put up a big fuss when it comes to the government spendin' billions and billions of money in a foreign country. But when it comes to helpin' their own people, they … they don't like it. They put up a big fuss. And for all of you who are against this health plan — which is what this country needed — would you be so against it if it was put in by the Bush administration? Probably not.

Never before in our country's history have we had such inept and dangerous leadership … as we do in Obama, Biden and Pelosi. … If the situation wasn't so serious, it would almost remind one of The Three Stooges.

Statesboro wins the prize again for havin' the highest gas prices in Georgia. I traveled to Georgia-North Carolina line last week … and gas was 10 to 20 cent … a gallon cheaper than here in Statesboro.

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