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March 27 - Pete Rose was kicked out of baseball and denied bein' put into the Hall of Fame because
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Pete Rose was kicked out of baseball and denied bein' put into the Hall of Fame … because he gambled on the baseball game, which had nuthin' to do with his performance in playin' the game. These other guys - who have taken steroids to enhance their performance in playin' the game, and have broken legitimate records - should be kicked out of baseball and not allow to go into the Hall of Fame. That's just my opinion.

    It is so wrong for Obama to put pressure on the congressmen to pass the health care reform bill.

Could somebody please tell me if concealing a suicide is against the law? … I mean, if somebody tried to slice their wrist or somethin' and they knew a nurse that sewed them up and the authorities were never involved. … Is that against the law? It seems like to me it would be, but I'm not sure. I'd just like a little bit of legal advice on that, please.

The president said the CEO of Caterpillar … supports his health care. … CEO of Caterpillar said today he does not support his health care and it will cost his company a hundred million dollars the first year. Somebody's got their facts wrong. I think it's the president. There's no way … what he said today … about insurance premiums comin' down is going to happen. They don't go into effect for four years. And besides that, all we're gonna get is tax increases and less coverage.

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