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March 12 - Well, in the superintendent's letter, he clearly stated he put hit the nail on
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    Well, in the superintendent's letter, he … clearly stated … he put … hit the … nail … on the head. He said that … teachers and bus drivers were babysitters and that's entirely what we are.

This is for the person in the paper talkin' about waitresses and they tips and they tryin' to forget they coffee. I have you know my wife's a waitress and been doin' waitressin' for long time and she make lotta money doin' it and she be nice to people while she do it, too. You should learn somethin'.

To the woman that scammed money for the fire victims: shame on you. We … really believed that you were sincere. We even cried with you. You have broke my trust once again in the fellow man. These people need that money. And if you are kin to 'em or friend, you give that money to them or I feel sorry for you. Because what goes around, comes around. That is a shame! You be ashamed!

… I was just wonderin' if there were any witnesses to a hit and run that took place at the red light in front of the courthouse in Statesboro Saturday night, March the 6th … about 10 p.m. … A black SUV driven by a very irresponsible middled-aged white man totaled the blue CRV he hit and sent two teenaged girls to the emergency room. If you have any knowledge regarding this incident, please contact Statesboro Police Department.

For the person suggesting that local, organic food be served in our schools: who did you think is going to pay for it? While organic is more healthy, it is also much more expensive. The schools just need to limit the fat and the sugar in meals to fight obesity.

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