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July 29 - "Question to TEA partiers: with IRA contributions capped at $6,000 a year ... for you and
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Question to TEA partiers: with IRA contributions capped at $6,000 a year ... for you and I, how did Mitt Romney amass an IRA worth $100,000,000? Just asking.

This sales tax request for improvin' the roads ... who is gon' manage this money? Thank you.

Good morning, Soundoff. ... On the ... political aspect, with all the trash, signs around ... Bulloch County -- and obviously there's a sign ... provision allowin' those -- with no restrictions. ... Why couldn't we do something smarter? Save the money for the signs ... the TV advertisements and the rope of calls ... and have the US Postal Service deliver ... daily messages ... to our mailboxes? ... That will bail the ... postal service out ... keep it lookin' ... wonderful in Bulloch County.

Anyone considerin' voting for SPLOST so the county can ... finish the bike path to Brooklet or complete the northern bypass should just take a drive out through these two areas ... and then drive down 67. ... You wi ... can ... can bet that ... this will bring crime and congestion and trash and concrete to these areas ... while destroyin' some of the county's only remainin' natural wetlands. ... And disturbing some ... historical areas in the process. Lakeview Road is one of the only rural areas remainin' that has not been urbanized and uglified. And besides, I need that extra money for gas and food.

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