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July 21 - How can the board of education hire a superintendent that doesn't have a degree in educati
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How can the board of education hire a superintendent that doesn't have a degree in education? ... I thought one of the printed qualifications for the job was a doctorate's degree in education.

... This is in response to the person who called in last week comparin' the KKK to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ... How dare you! How dare you compare a terrorist group to an honorable man like Dr. King. ... Dr. ... the KKK's role ... the KKK's sole purpose for existing is to perpetuate a perverted ideology based ... on hatred and intolerance, while Dr. King gave his life to promote justice and equality. ... Dr. King's only weapons in his fight for justice and equality was love and ... and the constitution ... while the Klan's often included fear, intimidation and hatred. ... Only someone who crawls on his belly like a sucker would dare make such a comparison. ... How dare you!

Republicans say they want to repeal or replace Obamacare, aka Romneycare ... but replace it with what? ... They won't say. Their sounds tells us they aren't going to replace it with anything. Goodbye, Medicaid, Medicare and finally Social Security. ... Say hello to Third World America.

... Thank you to Georgia Power ... because we were out of power from 16 to 18 hours ... and that was bad. ... But my heart goes out to the people that still don't have electricity. ... Just thank you again, Georgia Power, for ... getting the power back on. ... Thank you.

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